After numerous phone calls to mca, harbour master, rya and various other organisations, we are taking the decision to resume our fishing trips. The trips we operate will be under strict guidance and inline with social distancing measures. Disinfectant and sanitisers etc will all be on the boat and all anglers boarding the boat will be expected to abide by these rules both on the vessel and whilst making there way down to the vessel from there veichles etc. The wheel house will be out of bounds for any anglers and anglers will be responsible for there own equipment and landing of fish. The boat will be fully disinfected before and after every trip. At the present time I will not be able to offer any assistance to novice anglers as to do this I would be in breach of the social distance measures. We will start to operate from sat 6th June. Please bare with us whilst we are in the process of getting things in order to make things as safe as possible for you whilst onboard. I will also be putting in extra measure should I need to issue first aid with extra PPE for myself to protect both myself and the angler should I need to issue first aid. Also new risk assessments are been drawn up as we speak. We’re hoping to carry between 5 and 6 anglers and will confirm the exact number once the deck space is correctly marked out.
Please note anybody displaying symptoms of the virus or who have been in contact with anybody that has been displaying symptoms is not to travel to the boat for a trip. Also I will be monitoring people coming down to the boat etc and anybody who is not obeying social distancing rules will be turned away from the vessel no questions asked or I feel your showing any symptoms. Anybody not obeying the distancing rules at sea will also result in the trip been terminated and we will return to port. These are simple instructions and are there to protect you aswell as me and other harbour users.
The diary is now back open. The decisions we have made are for the good of our business and careful consideration has been taken on the decision.
We look forward to having you all back aboard. Tight lines for now.
For more info or to book call 07470354403
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Fantastic news look forward to booking our Veterans another trip

The skipper had made it nice and clear, best of luck angler's and no fibbing

What about car parking in the town car parks?

Great news for you mate and other privately owned boats 👌 hopefully all have survived this shite 🤞

So if four of us travel together, but then walk towards the boat and not social distance we would get turned away

Good to see aal safety angles being covered Barry Goodall

You got any room for 3 people Sunday?

Looking sick for a number two lol

I need to come up like Cummings 👍

Lee Deboer

Well done

Mark Shields

Paul Rudland

Eamon Looney

Graeme Watson


Sounds like a plan Barry Goodall..

Merrick Bull

George Tudor

Derek Purvis

Leila Johnson

Ross Fulford

Steve Telfer

Jon Vine

Bradley A Paul

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Gave the boat a run out today, so gave me and our dan the chance to wet a line for a few hours, our first since the lock down and what a few hours we had fishing and inshore wreck. We fished the last hour of flood, slack and an hour of the ebb aswell as a couple of hours under anchor, and between us we notched you around 120 codlings and 10 ling. we kept the ones in the photo for the freezer and a few went to family and all the rest were safely returned. Biggest cod around 5lb and ling to around 6lb. What a cracking few hours fishing. The Illuminous muppets tipped with squid doing the damage. Fish non stop and plenty of double hookers coming up to. 
The diary remains open for future trips so please feel free to give us a call and get booked in 
For more info or to book a trip 
Please remember all trips booked are subject to government covid guidelines.Image attachmentImage attachment


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We had to cancel our planned weekend up to you for a fishing trip, under current regulations do you have a provisional reopening date? We would like to re-book as soon as you are able to take the public out again 😊

Hi Mate glad there still about once Whitby's open to public I'll be in contact don't mind paying the extra.

What are the price

I’m deffo avin a day on your boat as soon as we r allowed

Is there any trips available

Good stuff Barry Goodall should put a price up for 1 angler for 4 hrs you might get a surprise lol

Looking forward to when next out Barry

Which boat are you

When can we book pls

Malcolm Brumby Which we was there

James Peacock

Robert Thompson

Jake Fursman

Ryan Collinson

Matthew Potty Ladlow

Zahim Ismail

Mark Broughton Simon Smith

Sam Bland fs

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I’ve had a t, shirt and hoodie design made up with the company logo etc. Sizes are from small to xxxl in the t, shirts aswell as all kids sizes priced at £15pp
The hoodies are in sizes small to xxl aswell as all kids sizes , £25pp. 
There will also be a £5 postage charge on top of any order unless you want to collect. I’m hoping to place an order with Sean from sd signs who is printing up the clothing. We hope that people like the design and if you would like to order we ask that you forward payment to 
Barclays account
Please use you full name as a reference. 
We hope to place an order this coming Friday and then Sean can order in the units and get them printed up. Once I get them I will send them out . 
Anybody who would like to order please drop me a pm or give me a ring or leave a comment. 
Tight lines for now.Image attachment


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Johnathan Jonathan Squires

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